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Fourth Wing

Fourth Wing

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“Anyone else feel like changing their mind?” Xaden shouts, scanning the remaining rows of cadets with the same shrewd gaze of the navy-blue dragon behind him. “No? Excellent. Roughly half of you will be dead by this time next summer.”

The formation is silent except for a few untimely sobs from my left. 

“A third of you again the year after that, and the same your last year. No one cares who your mommy or daddy is here. Even Kind Tauri’s second son died during his Threshing. So tell me again: Do you feel invincible now that you’ve made it into the Riders Quadrant? Untouchable? Elite?”

No one cheers.

Another blast of heart rushes-this time directly at my face-and every muscle inh my body clenches, preparing for incineration. But it’s not flames…just steam, and it blows Rhiannon’s braids as dragons finish their simultaneous exhale. The breeches on the first-year ahead of me darken, the color spreading down his legs.

They want us scared. Mission accomplished.

”Because you’re not untouchable or special to them.” Xaden points toward the navy dragon and leans forward slightly, like he’s letting us in on a secret we lock eyes. “To them, you’re just the prey.”

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